From the beginning, the team had agreed that the name for our first project would be the Crucible 65. Our inspiration at the time was that the “Crucible” is a tool used to melt raw material in the forging process. However, there is also a second meaning to the word Crucible that has grown more relevant in our hearts.  

“A difficult test or challenge” 

When we first set out on this endeavor none of us could have imagined we would have gone through 2 years, 2.5 lockdowns, 3 prototypes with 19 samples, all spanning 3 different countries. In that time, our entire team has been challenged not just as creators but as friends.

It is with great joy that we are finally able to bring to the world a keyboard that embodies the challenge and the journey that is its namesake. 

Our lead designers, Anthony and James, worked together to translate the mental visions into rough designs. We wanted a design direction that embodies the phrase, “Less is more,” to have  clean design with crisp lines that is also efficiently packaged and well proportioned.  The process of putting these ideas on paper has formed a foundational design language for our company. We hope that over time you will continue to see these high quality non-compromising products from our team. 

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